It is time to step into a dessert wonderland this cold weather. We all love to eat sweets but not all are a fan of making it. You ask why? Because some recipes are just too hard to follow. If you have also been a victim of that, fear not, because that is about to change. Mini gingerbread cheesecakes are an absolute delight. But you know what is better? Our mini Kingston cheesecakes recipe. 

This dessert would satisfy all your sweet cravings in the best way possible, hitting the taste bud points you didn’t even know exist. That’s right! Try this yummilicious and easy to make recipe today. We assure you this is way better than any other ordinary mini cheesecake cupcakes that you have ever tried.

We are certain that you would love these mini Kingston cheesecakes with a smooth coconut cheesecake filling along with chocolate dip Kingston cookies.

Set aside all of your mini cheesecake cookies and shift your focus towards this easy to make and delicious recipe.

Ingredients for Mini Kingston cheesecakes

  • Take 2×200 gram packets of Arnott’s Kingston biscuits
  • 25 grams of melted butter
  • 2×250 gram packets of cream cheese which should be chopped at room temperature
  • 100 grams of caster sugar
  • Half teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Two eggs
  • 270 grams of can coconut cream
  • 60 grams of dark chocolate melts (with 100 grams extra)
  • 25 grams of coconut flakes
  • 300 ml cream ( thickened)
  • 125 grams of sour cream
  • Two tablespoons of icing sugar
  • Half tsp of vanilla extract
  • Fresh raspberries

Directions to Mini Kingston cheesecakes

  1.  Preheat an oven to 160C/140C, fan forced.
  2. Take 12, 80 ml muffin pans with baking paper in it and line their bases and sides.
  3. Take nine Kingston biscuits and process them in a food processor until they become crumbs.
  4. Afterwards, take the melted butter and add it to the biscuits.
  5. Mix them until they get combined.
  6. Furthermore, take this mixture and divide it into the prepared pans.
  7. Afterwards, press the mixture uniformly on top of the bases.
  8. Take an electric beater and beat cream, cheese, sugar along with vanilla all put together in a large bowl for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  9. Furthermore, take eggs and add them to the mixture one at a time while beating them.
  10. Then add coconut cream and beat it in as well.
  11. Take 1/3 cup of cream cheese and pour it over every biscuit crumb base.
  12. Put the melted chocolate into a small snap-lock bag, snipping off its one corner.
  13. Afterwards, take the chocolate and sprinkle it over every cheesecake.
  14. Take a skewer and use it to give a twisted effect.
  15. Furthermore, bake it for around 25 minutes or till it sets in the middle.
  16. Then turn off the oven, leaving the cheesecakes in it with the door slightly open for an hour to cool.
  17. Take 12 biscuits and dip them into extra melted chocolate.
  18. Then sprinkle the coconut flakes over it.
  19. Take a baking paper lined tray and place it aside until it sets.
  20. Take an electric beater to beat in the combined creams, icing sugar and vanilla in a bowl.
  21. Afterwards, remove the cheesecakes from the paper case.
  22. Take cream mixture, chocolate-covered biscuits, and raspberries and top it with them

Lastly, Sprinkle the extra melted chocolate on it.

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